Executive Summary

In today’s competitive business world every business organizations has to have one or more competitive advantage than others to survive in long term and keep growing with sustainable growth rate. In other words, it can be said that to remain competitive, a business organization has to have key strategic resources. In global scenario, information resources is now playing key role as strategic resources.

Like Human Resources or Production Management, time has come for a business organization to manage its business in a standard way. Moreover, an organization needs to store all its business data in a single storage system to ensure that every business data and information is available as and when necessary to its desired users in real time.

Also, a business organization has to make sure that all its business data are correct, balanced and properly stored.

Here, a properly designed and customized ERP system can give one stop services to fulfill its all types of information needs.

Nature and scope of an ERP can vary industry to industry and firm to firm. Therefore, an organization needs to make an appropriate need assessment by a consultant or in-house expert. Then choosing a best fit ERP system is a next big challenge.

We, Paankouri Robotix Limited, are offering a customizable and industry specific tailor made ERP solutions for Apparel Industry in Bangladesh and World.

Our one STOP Services

  • ERP Software Systems
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Implementation Service
  • Accounting Guidelines
  • Training

What BIZ ERP is going to do for you

  • To store all business data in a single Data Base (Storage System)
  • To facilitate and soothe business process activities
  • To increase the cost effectiveness of human resources
  • To minimize the transaction processing cost
  • To eliminate the manual report preparation
  • To facilitate decision making process

ERP Modules


Module: Accounts

ž Chart of Accounts

Account Configuration